We offer affordable Tartan shoes, perfect for a stylish wedding or a classic look any day of the week.  We are able to source 100's of tartans.  The majority of our shoes are supplied by the client, so knowing the shoe fits before it is customised is one less thing to worry about. Please contact us to discuss your tartan shoe needs & confirm availability.  Here are some examples of our previous Tartan shoe orders, more examples can be seen in our Gallery.

Tartan choices

Having resided in Scotland for 21 years, we have a fantastic relationship with our tartan suppliers & we are able to source the majority of tartans.

However some tartans are "Restricted" & therefore are not allowed for public use.  Contact us to confirm your tartan availability. 

Weathered Mackenzie Tartan shoes & matching clutch bag
Ramsey Blue tartan with crystal  heels

Shoe styles

With the majority of shoes being supplied to us by our clients, thus ensuring comfort & fit, we have, over the years, worked with various styles;  from the chunky heeled shoes to the strappy open toed sandals.  We take pride in our abilities to problem solve & find workable solutions to deliver your dream pair of tartan shoes.

We endeavour to place the fabric to show the majority of the pattern in the space available.  We pattern match the shoes to each other as well as pattern matching the heels.

Our Gallery shows further examples of our previous work.